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Hello ! These pages are dedicated to the public promotion of the Occitan language (aka. Provençal). You will find a detailed description of the language, a translation service and a huge links database. To browse it, use the frame on the left, or click in the text below. Occitan means : 

The largest language minority in Europe.

  • 2 millions native speakers in France, Spain and Italy.
  • 6 main dialects spoken from Nice to Bayonne and from Limoges to Foix. 
  • In this site, we offer you 
  • Basic facts on Occitan
  • Linguistic material as illustration or knowledge improvement.
  • Links about the Occitans language, culture and countries
  • a translation service 
  • an on line course 

    A seminal culture
  • The cultural source of today's Europe, with the troubadours. 
  • A Nobel prize in literature : F. Mistral. 
  • Theater, rap, police novels, jazz, poetry, popular music.


    If you know some Occitan material on the web which is not listed in the links section, if you want to send us a contribution (literature, linguistics, help), if you want to send us critiscism, don't hesitate, occitanet@free.fr
    A positive image
  • 70 percent consider Occitan as an adavantage for economy.
  • More than 50 percent want more money to develop the Occitan culture and language. 
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